How do you sell if you're an introvert, hate selling or don't have the typical sales persona?

Finally....a mindful approach to sales

You don't have to be a smooth-talker. Or have a track record in selling. Or a type-A personality. 

If the idea of selling makes you sick to your stomach, then this book is for you.

Anis was a shy introvert who'd never sold anything when she started out in sales. You can start learning now, even if you don't have any clients. 

Amazon reviews

"Calm sales advice for introverts."

"I've always said 'I'm not a salesman'. This book showed me could sell just by being myself."

"This book gave permission to be myself."

"Finally, a Doorway for me to enter into the world of sales!"

"Halfway through, I was busting to pick up the phone and start cold-calling!"

"Great practical advice - this book has already made me over £1000 using the authors methods."


Like all performance-based activities, sales is more about your mindset than mere techniques. You'll learn mindset tricks to feel confident and empowered.


Learn the best ways to attract customers. Steer conversations with prospective customers towards a sale.


Start attracting customers instead of pushing them away. I walk you step-by-step, from opening conversations through to closing the sale.  

About the Author

Anis Qizilbash transformed from a shy introvert with zero social skills to a generator of million-pound deals, over an 18-year career selling to global corporates, financial institutions, governments, small businesses, and NGOs. As the founder of Mindful Sales Training, she helps entrepreneurs and freelancers get their sales-game on using mindfulness principles. 

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